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Writer's Block: Traditional Pursuits

There are a lot of things we see most often in December, like caroling, potato latkes, mistletoe, mulled wine, eggnog, and returning gifts. What's your favorite holiday tradition?
I will be completely honest and say that one of my favorite holiday traditions is eggnog.  Seriously, I wait all year for eggnog. 

But, eggnog takes a backseat to Christmas tea with my mom.  My mom and I started doing this a few years ago, after I  moved across the state from her to attend college.  Most of the time, I am not able to be home with her on Christmas so I try to make it if not a little bit before Christmas day, at least the day after Christmas.  My mom makes this special Christmas blend of hot tea and she and I have tea while listening to traditional Christmas music and talking or watching the snow fall.   We use this time to just have time together around the holiday when everyone's super busy.   She usually will save a special gift for me, just to give it to me when we have tea.   Last year she gave me one of my great aunt's crochet hooks.  My great aunt passed away on Christmas eve about four years ago and was incredible with a crochet hook.   Everytime I use her hook, I think about her.