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Um, not much to report.  My FINAL semester as an undergrad at GVSU has begun.  Still trying to adjust to my new schedule, but the first week or two of a semester are so intense, so I'm sure I'll even out eventually.    Keith turned 28 yesterday and reminded me that I'm due to come yet even closer to the dreaded 30 in about six months.  On January 20, I have will be testing for GRPD Emergency Dispatch position.  And, I have yet to work up the courage to apply to the FBI. 

For all my stalkers out there:

3-4:15 Crime Control and Justice Policy

8:30-9:45 Race and Ethnicity

3-4:15 Crime Control and Justice Policy

8:30-9:45 Race and Ethnicity
6-8:50 Issues in Criminal Justice(My Capstone)

The birdules are fantastic.  Both are fully flighted now and Lavender is still a terrible flyer, but Peppermint's antics are enjoyable.  Especially when he leaves a dust print on a window or something.  The doggies are good too.  Junior has a coat now that he wears to go outside, which Bishop will attempt to take it off him.  Bishop is doing really good with rules and training.  He walks really good on a leash, but Keith has had some problems with him.  Basically, Bishop growls sometimes at Keith and then runs to hide behind me if he doesn't want to do something.  Apparently, when Keith was showering Junior with affection and ignoring Bishop, Bishop got the idea that he didn't have to obey Keith.  Oh well, that's something that the two of them have to work out. 

My graduation date is April 25, 2009.  The countdown has begun.