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Idiocy at it's finest

So I just finished the most idiotic assignment I've ever had to do EVER.  IN MY ENTIRE EDUCATIONAL CAREER.  



Post your definition on the discussion board on blackboard.  (Note:  this is for CJ 101)

And I quote:

"Crime is breaking the law"

"Doing something that violates the law and then getting caught. "

"Violating social ordinances. "

"Doing illegal things for money or personal gain."

My personal favorite:  "Crime is bad.  People are hurt because of crime.  Crime is violating the laws on pupose just to get something out of it. Something you know you shouldn't have, because it's illegal" 

I'm not making this shit up either. 

And since I'm such an overachiever:

Crime:  actions and/or social behavior that violates societal values or norms and produces behavior that society feels must be punished.  These actions and resulting actions must be able to be punished under the letter of the law which is determined majorally by said society.  The actions must be considered to be an attack on society as a whole and will be prosecuted by public officials.  Punishment is intended to bring about the lossof personal freedom, personal property, or life.   As a whole, it can be measured by an account of reports filed within local law enforcement agencies versus population of said area. 

Them research classes are paying off.  This is considered to be an operational definition of a concept.  Crime is a concept, there is no concrete definition.  So in order to define it, one must operationalize it and define the aspects of which you intend to measure.  I know because I just handed this exact definition in to my qualitative research class for an assignment. 

That concludes our lesson for today.